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Saturday, May 19, 2007 11:03 PM

Well I'm finally back and banging... lol.I will be more online these days but still I must now be a good girl and study for my coming up exams.Uhmm does that make you feel hot ? Oh well we will see..
Also big big announcement. I have now a digital camera with an amazing zoom for you to enjoy during our sessions... so .. what are you still doing here and reading ..??? come to see me ... muahhhh!!!

Friday, 20 April, 2007 11:54 PM

I'm back ...
Hello to all of you that read my blog from time to time and expect some changes.Well
I was away for a couple of months .. tried to get an internship in Spain but i was not succesfull this time due to some "family" matters.So what i did ? Came back to my old habits ... which inclkuded also camming like crazy .. heheh. I am looking forward to have my good old friends back.Only untill 26th this month because i am going to take another trip .. for 16 days .. so you better hurry up.
I might come back with nice pictures and thinking about getting this website more personal and let you guys more into my life .. not only in my camgirl side but also offer the opportunity to see me in another light.Untill then i will be waiting for you in my chatroom and playfull as ever!! Kisses, Alicia


Saturday, 16 September, 2006 10:32 PM

Community Chat on CamContacts....
I had so much fun these days on CommunityChat that i cannot keep myself away from writting about it here in my blog.
This feature that CamContacts kindly offered us ,host and members ROCKS!!! I mean a hosted chatroom where we can interract and get to know eachother better is the coolest thing. Others might have tried to copy but with no luck i can tell.
I think i'm inlove with CommunityChat.In case you never been there here is some additional help to find your way in. There is something you should know tho, without a free membership to CamContacts you cannot enter the room, but that should take short time and you won't be sorry for joining this cool community.
Become a member of CamContacts TODAY! Click here!

Where 2 find CommunityChat

CommunityChat (screenshot)

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Sunday, 28 May, 2006 5:30 PM

After yes, quite a while i am back on my blog.New pictures in my archives and new blog entry! I had a few personal things to fix and now i am back online well prepaired for more naughty things. Can't wait to have some fun as i missed it so much. Here is a same of my "ass"ets.Kisss!!!!


Thursday, 23 March, 2006 4:07 AM

Today i continued doing my business plan in bed ofcourse waiting for hot guys to play with.Is so much fun! I've taken some pics but the real inspiration for good pics comes after or during a hot show:).Forgot about the mini skirt today i only have my g-string on and a nice leotard print top and ofcourse my new pair of stockings.Gotta love those tiny spots on them .Hehehhe.Today i also found out i'm a hell of a roleplayer so guys , if you need the purrfect actress doing the roleplay of your fantasy .. pick me pick me .. hehhehe .
That's all for now .. Here is one of the pics i mannaged to do so far.More... oh well check my archives!


Wednesday, 22 March, 2006 2:36 PM

Pink day!
Oh what a nice day.I'm so happy today. Finally my business project gets a nice shape.I've rennounced at the thought of getting a credit from a bank because they won't give it to me anyways.The land i have worths lots more than what i want to invest so i will try to make many many guys happy in video so my profits will soar and i will be able to make my initial investiment. Later this week i will have a business appointement with someone i will colaborate with. I'm so excited.
I guess you're wondering about my busines.Oh well at the right time i will make the big announcement.It brings bad luck to make it public. but if my calculations are right in a month i will be the happy owner of a super cool business.
So first step to be successful in business :mini skirt, tight top and a see through pair of panties.

(from a happy girl today)


Monday, 20 March, 2006 4:45 AM

Oh dear!
Yesterday i had a nice show with one of my regular playmate so after the show i asked him gently to review it.So he did.He nicely posted a message regarding my shows on the viwers forum. Here is what he said: " Just finnished my 5th show with this great girl, Her sense of fun and willingness to please go far beyond any of the other stuck up miserable girls i've come across on CC."
Ok so all good , he reviewed my show as requested and was a positive review so i was happy. Keep in mind that he did not refered to my looks but only to the shows we did together.
Now while browsing the forums this guy posted the following message :"Well with her looks I guess being stuck up is a luxury she can't afford. Not petite and not pretty. I hope she didn't choose that name herself."
For your information my dear i'm 5 foot tall , don't know in your country but where i come from i'm quite petite. That is measured in vertical not orizontal ..or should i specify that in my profile too ?And yes ... yes ... yes i did choosed the name all by myself.In my eyes i'm pretty and petite.Judge me for that. LOL
Now i appreciate both positive or negative reviews since we all know controverse is good for business but, cannot hide that i suddenly thought about getting my nose done and schedule more gym hours because i really felt bad.
But then again , i know out there i have lots of satisfied guys who saw me in a show.I never said i was a model , i'm just the girl next door type and i also mentioned in my profile i'm cuddly.
I'm only 26 but damn, i never said in my life to a guy "you're ugly". I just use the "your not my type" It felt pretty bad to read.This guy obviously did not saw a show with me cause he see me ugly ..oh well i cannot be liked by 100% of the men arround.
here is the link to the Viwers only forum And the link to My Personal Forum
P.S. No picture today cause i feel ugly.LOL no , i am just making a new set of pics and i will post later on. See ya !


Sunday, 12 March, 2006 10:35 PM

What's up with the wave of guys aching for things that you're just not allowed to do in cam?Damn i got so pissed.I am the kind of girl that does most of the things in cam so i get pissed when i have loads of guys coming and asking me practically to break the rules .I'm a human being i am sure i do more than most of girlfriends and wives do in bed and i hate to feel like i cannot please a guy.I am sure i can do it in real and hell i will do it on cam too. But i cannot understand why so many guys are looking for extreme stuff.In my vision a woman and her fingers can drive a man crazy and one with a huge object inside her does not say a thing to me. Oh well maybe i'm just wrong but that is my opinion Ok so youll say :" But what you doing in fetish then?" The answer to that question is ... there are so many fetishes allowed that do not drag you into a forbidden zone such as footfetish, smoking fetish, pantyhose, fur stuff and so on .... I like to break the rules but i won't do it at my work ... because camming is my work whether you like it or not.

P.S a new set of pictures available in my archives Here is a sample.Have fun!


Thursday, 9 March, 2006 11:18 AM

It's been a while since i wrote.Well in case you've been wondering what have i done since my last
Nothing special, yesterday i went out with the girls and had dinner in a chinese restaurant.I was always a big fan of italian food and was faithful but i just adore the sesami chicken so i cannot help it ..:).
Was a nice evening in the company of nice girls with a nice wine and laughs.
Also this week i received a super gift from my best friend.A geisha wig ...I was so excited that i shoot a couple of photos and all my viewers had to support me with the afferent makeup .LOL
But i think i'm pretty... have a look


Monday, 20 February, 2006 9:20 PM

After two days of complete hangover i finally was able to get my ass off the bed:).I had a naughty saturday night with waaayy too many drinks and way too much time spent out including after hours.Today i feel sweet and nice and naughty as hell i even had an erotic dream ..something very very naughty and i decided i should go online and play.Here is a new picture took today.I don't look that dizzy don't i ?? Hehehhe ,Hugs


Tuesday, 7 February, 2006 2:51 PM

I updated my website with some cool pictures just to get you in the proper mood for a nice fetish camshow:). Also I added a few fetish links and i would appreciate very much if you clicked the banners and help me build the traffic on my website.

Last but not least ... my blue mood vanished i'm brand new and naughty again. Almost finished my exams, going to gym three times a week and thinking about starting the taebo training sometimes soon.Hell, if i lose enough weight i will pierce my belly ... how cool would that be ? hehhehe.

I made also a few banners you will find on my links page and i would sure be grateful forever if you would save and link back to me from your website, i can add your banner too ofcourse.

So .. all good ...mwahhhhh...yours still , Ali

Pssttt....If you feel like spoiling me .... check out my wishlist at amazon!

I'm a spoiled brat...uhmmmm!


Sunday, 29 January, 2006 4:52 PM

A girl going on 30's.

Where do our love goes?
Where are all those crazy lovers, where is our innocent smile and our desinhibition?

Our road is changing... our goals also...
Where are all those crazy lovers we used to have?
Where is that inconscience we used to have??
Why this body is not listening to us anymore??
Why does my heart feels blue??

I'm living my "blue" period in this cold january and the feeling is not quite pleasent even if i have a smile on my face while writting this.

Although i'm only about to be 27 ... i have the feeling that the last 7 years went by too fast ... that becoming a woman is harder than i ever could immagine and the feelings are more intense.
My eyes are staring at every step i make unlike on my 20's when i watched the sky and stepped without having to think where will i put my foot .
I'm happy with memories and i'm feeling as i said strange ... wish i had in the last two years memories as strong as i had like 5 years ago.
But this is changing ... i wish i could love again completely for one night only and walk out of the door next morning as nothing happened again ...
Wish i could have that spontaneity i used to have in all my actions and live the reality as i create it not as it really is ... and surrounds me.

When i read Balzac" the woman at 30's" i was fascinated ... i adored the woman kind and was proud of being a woman. Now , when i realize that there is one small step untill i'll be 30 .. i'm scared and "blue".
I'm looking back and see the smiles of the men i used to love... their hands ... their happiness of touching my skin and the absolute satisfaction of the sexual contact ...their sweat, their hands on my face, their lips, their dreams, them inside me .... all different .... I almost feel each and one of them ... hugging , kissing passionately ... loving me .... pushing me .. penetrating me ...i feel them all mine .... i can still feel their force pushing me on the bed .... having me completely ... calling me names, whispering soft words .. passing their hands through my hair .......
Going on my 30's ..but i stll have 3 years of inconscience left... what will i do with them ??? Will i prepair myself or just start to watch the sky again not wondering where my feet will lead me ?????
To be continued.....
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