About Me

My name is Amanda. I am 22 years old female from one of the greatest places on our planet Earth.

Only for you (as a secret) I can tell that I am bisexual, ooops.... :) By ethnicity I am white redhead girl with supermodel build. I have a medium length hair and blue eyes. I have some experience in taking parts in some very interesting films ... :))

To know whether I am on-line or not, just check the small, flashing image on the left side of this page, I prefer to say - on screen :)). Hopefully I am on-line right now, am I ??? :)

I am well educated - I can speak English and Russian, can you?

Well - enough with that. Now I wanna tell you about my hobbies. I always use to go to discos. You don't believe - but I like dancing a lot. Also I usually go to music concerts. I really enjoy myself dancing striptease or doing massage, what I do especially well. Wanna massage? :)

I hate betrayal and hearsay from surrounding me people. That's the worst two things for me.

So - let's go to my place on net and have fun!!!